IBOT (Machines + iBot = Industrial Internet)

The iBot Platform powers the Industrial Internet by offering a combination of Smart Device Platforms, Smart Apps and Cloud Platform and Smart Analytics & Integration Platform. Enjoy the AAA Advantage with iBot.

  • iBot Cloud offers the industry's most comprehensive best-of-breed platform for management of Things, Bots, Apps, Inter-linkages and Data to build and grow an ecosystem of OEM's, Owners/Operators, Service Providers, Innovators and Integrators, powered by Microsoft Azure and SAP HANA
  • iBot Smart Apps are designed to run on iBot Smart Device platforms.
  • Customers and Partners are welcome to develop apps on iBot Smart Device platforms for their own use or for sale respectively.
  • Smart Apps comprise of
    • Smart Firmware built for iBot Smart Device platforms
    • Smart Mobile (cross-platform for phone, tab)
    • Smart Web Apps
  • Join the iBot revolution with iBot Smart Apps for Machines!
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