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Culture is an energetic entity that adds to make Sydler whole. We believe in propagation of a well-rounded work culture. Our proficient people resource builds the Sydler brand to make us who we are. One should not just imbibe culture; rather one needs to sculpt and mould it, keeping in mind varying other factors. Sydler propagates policies that may appear same on the surface level, but that is like sizing a berg by its tip.

Sydler has a young and innovative workforce. The young mind approaches life’s challenges with a spirit that can be very contagious. We offer a multi-cultural work environment that enables every individual to excel beyond pre-defined boundaries. The environment at Sydler is designed to encourage interactions between employees within and across teams, to ignite knowledge transfer.

We believe in work life balance. We incorporate equal parts work and play. We nurture an open environment that enables professional and personal growth for every individual. Sydler’s emphasis on a value added culture ensures each and every employee to be our brand ambassador. We hire talent-pool that proves to possess potential and develop them to be prime-contributors.


A fast-growing & dynamic environment with lots of learnings to gain, challenges to conquer, while guiding and grooming yourself & others. Sydler Technologies invites you to join our budding family , whether you are a technology expert, an enthusiast or a talented salesman.

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