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We specialize in assisting clients who have faced challenges with their SAP adoption. By assessing the reasons behind these failures, we help them navigate out of such situations. Factors contributing to failure include unrealistic expectations, scope creep, hidden complexity, wrong solution design, insufficient consultant capabilities, lack of management involvement, and inadequate change management.

In our re-implementation projects, we ensure success through a methodology focused on agreeing on goals and objectives, securing strong management support, utilizing process tools, defining clear standards, establishing effective governance, engaging stakeholders, and assembling a capable project team led by a competent Project Manager.

For revival projects, our proven methodology, developed from our leadership’s experience, is key to success. This involves accurately assessing the situation, conducting an unbiased audit, prioritizing essential work items, negotiating with stakeholders, and executing the project with revised conditions. Selecting the right project manager for revival projects is crucial. Our thorough review process further ensures that revival projects achieve their objectives.

Our thorough review process ensures that revival projects achieve their objectives