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To drive your business forward and stay ahead of competitors, simply moving your on-premise ERP to the cloud isn’t enough. To truly lead your industry, you must redefine, reimagine, and innovate your business processes to meet today’s and tomorrow’s technology demands.

RISE with SAP is the key to confidently operating such a digitally connected organization. The solution empowers your business with intelligent automation and digitalization, facilitating rapid adoption of innovation, process enhancement, and dynamic connections with your business partners.

RISE with SAP offers a unique pathway to transform into an intelligent, sustainable enterprise in the cloud.

By leveraging RISE with SAP, you can unlock business innovation while gaining access to robust, mission-critical capabilities essential for achieving strategic growth objectives. The solution includes a cloud ERP tailored to various business requirements, industry-leading practices, and extensibility options, as well as a flexible business technology platform (BTP) with advanced analytics.

RISE with SAP offers a framework that helps implement SAP S/4HANA Cloud quickly and efficiently while delivering sustainable transformation and advanced technology to drive continuous innovation. This framework – SAP Activate – supports the complex accounting and reporting requirements of multinational enterprises that follow group and local financial principles.

SydlerTech’s Swift offering, based on SAP Best Practices, helps you realize the value of your investment in 16 to 20 weeks for new greenfield implementations.

Drive your business forward, stay ahead of your Competitors